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My art

I work predominantly in acrylic and oil, creating work inspired by the patterns, geometry and contrast I see across urban and rural landscapes and environments. I try to draw out and express the visual complexity and energy which I constantly see in the most unassuming and everyday experiences.

My working process sees me develop ideas from the constant notes, sketches and photos I take. I take an initial idea and work it up from initial more representational sketches and when I begin to apply the paint with energy I find and work on the abstract elements I experience.

Particular artists whose work has resonated with me are British Neo-Romantics of the early-mid twentieth century and their use of colour, line, light and mood (including John Piper, Graham Sutherland, Keith Vaughan) and the Constructivists of the early twentieth century.

See a collection of artworks which have left their impression on me at Artstack.